Garden Otter

I am the Garden Otter – soon to displace the Garden Gnome!

#2 in Google for Garden Otter

February 17th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Wow, we are already #2 in Google for the search “garden otter” – all that garden otter traffic flowing our way, feel the otter lovin’!

Well for all our adoring fans, take a look at this adorable Concrete Garden Otter Statue.

Don’t be hatin’ garden otters!



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  • jose - princeton

    cool stuff. i want a garden otter.

  • Admin

    Well you must since you registered the domain. You got Garden Otters on the brain!

  • Admin

    Unless I mis-understood and you meant

    Gar Denot Ter

    Which is Latin for “Eat that which ground gives. Except not worms or moles. Although moles are tasty with BBQ, they don’t have much meat. Also, by worms we also mean don’t eat snakes or snails. They are all in the worm family.”


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